The past couple of years have shown people from all walks of life speaking up for their nation’s values. This month, we’re doing the same. With FOOD!

Let us explain. On 2nd June, 1946, Italy voted to replace the monarchy which had supported Mussolini’s facist regime with a republic. Now, we celebrate the triumph of the people the only way Italians know how: Gathering for a big feast of national dishes with family and friends.

This June, our classic Casa Dining events will open with a traditional aperitivo and three varieties of our House Focaccia followed by large platters of regional Italian starters. MMMHH-MHH!

For the main course, we’ll be serving fresh burrata and tomatoes with basil with a fantastic recipe handed down from Serena’s Mamma herself! With the creamy stracciatella filled mozzarella ball stealing the show, you’ll forget that the main is actually the vegetarian option!

Over the past year or so, we have taken the dessert course as opportunities to get creative, never repeating ideas or recipes. But this month, we decided to return to our countries most glorious contribution to the world. GELATO! Did we mention it’s Nutella flavoured? The second best thing to come from Piedmont, after Serena herself that is.


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