In July, our unique, friendly and authentic pop-up dining evenings are taking on the spirit of the Italian summer! Celebrate the scorching temperatures* and unbroken days of endless sunshine** by allowing us to treat you to the ultimate summertime menu.

The summer special begins with a glass of our house aperitivo, a sweet fruit-based drink, as well as plenty of our homemade foccacia bread to sample and share around with your fellow guests.

Then it’s time to enjoy a hand-picked selection of regional Italian seasonal antipasti dishes. Real Italian food is highly seasonal and our expert head chef Serena has chosen a selection of small dishes to best reflect the true eating habits of Italians at the height of summer.

Moving on to the main course, you can chose between Riso, Patata e Cozze, featuring baked rice, potatoes and delicious mussels, or the vegetarian option of a slow cooked lentil casserole. Both options are hearty enough to satisfy without being too filling for the warm weather. Finally, once your main course has settled, dessert comes in the form of Marsala cream and peach cups.

As the sun eventually goes down at the end of another day of hot summer bliss***, we invite you to enjoy a caffe e digestivo with us. Simply let us know your choice of tea or coffee, and settle in to continue your conversations with your fellow diners as you sample some homemade digestivo liqueurs, including grappa and limoncello.

*Ok, we understand it’s Britain and temperatures will vary.
**We can’t be held responsible for the UK’s weather.
***Let’s be realistic, this is England, it will rain from time to time.


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