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Nostro Obbiettivo

Our Goal
In an exciting city where power walking and busy schedules are part of the urban rhythm, it is easy to forget that dinner is a time for savouring warm food and even warmer company. With that in mind, we at Fetta Di Casa open our doors to those seeking something more than a sterile sit-eat-pay-leave dinner. Because when it comes to authentic Italian cooking and traditional Italian eating, there’s no place like Casa.

Italian eating means sitting around a large table, sharing an abundance of delicious food, toasting to life and basking in laughter with friends and family. It is a pleasure that we want to share with everyone through our Casa Dining events and our private catering service.

What do our Casa Dining events entail? We’re glad you asked…

Casa Dining

House Dining
Walk through our doors and we welcome you home, the Italian way. This means being treated as a guest rather than simply a customer. Take a seat at a large Italian family sized table with a dozen strangers, toast a glass of wine (BYOB!) with friends and feast on four courses of authentic Italian cuisine with family. And everyone pays the same great price upfront!

We do everything we can to stop time for our busy guests. This means reserving the entire evening just for them! You will never feel rushed or hushed at Fetta as we’re all about long and loud dinners filled with food, music and hours of conversation with fellow culture comrades.

The Italians have a saying which we live by, ‘a tavola non s’invecchia’, meaning, ‘at the table you do not age’. In other words, don’t rush your meals!

Il Cibo

The Food
Italian cooking means a combination of three things:
The right food, the right season and the right recipe.

In order to ensure quality results, we use only quality ingredients. When we need fresh fruit, meat and veg, we turn to our amazing local suppliers. But when it comes to porcini mushrooms, salami, olives and grappa ‘there’s no place like home’. This means we only use the most trusted Italian suppliers whenever possible. One of which includes Chef Serena’s Papa Amato!

Le Stagioni

The Seasons

Our menus feature only the most seasonal ingredients that each month has to offer. This also gives us an excuse to try new menus every month based on two things: each month’s top produce according to our suppliers and what each season needs.

Le Ricette

The Recipes

Of course, one of the best reasons for bee-lining it to our little neck of the woods is our recipes. Our recipes come from the best Italian cooks in our world: Chef Serena’s grandmothers. With a long history of Italian recipes and teachings passed down from Nonnas to Mammas in Serena’s family, we simply could not be prouder of our Italian home dishes.

A Mangiare!